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Glasgow Tragedy — Grateful and Motivational Gift-wrapping

What exactly are we doing with OUR lives while they lose theirs? Continue reading

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“Nobody Feels Sorry for Me”

I can think of only one person in the Bible who said something like that. It ended in murder. Continue reading

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Three Effects of Complaining

From Pastor Don Dillman’s sermon yesterday: It Denies God’s Sovereignty. It Disrupts the Unity of Believers. It Discredits our Testimony Before the World. My additional thought — the first damages our relationship with God, the second damages our relationship with … Continue reading

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“It Is the Soldier”

As we give thanks for the Soldier’s courage, love, and sacrifice We know it is but a shadow of the Saviour’s. Continue reading

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Saying ‘Thank You’

If we really believed that God is all-wise and all-loving, we would say ‘thank you’ when He doesn’t give us what we ask.

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Entitlement / God Isn’t Fair

An entitlement mentality kills gratitude. You aren’t properly grateful for things given to you if you think you deserved them.
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Three Thoughts After Yesterday’s Storm

When “nature” throws an amazing and powerful storm at us, we should not fear. We should rejoice that the God who rules the wind and the waves is our God. When we see great demonstrations of power, it should comfort and reassure us, for the God who rules every power that we see has promised to uphold us.
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