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Condemnation, Why and for What?

The reason unbelievers go to Hell is not the sins they have committed. Continue reading

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The Stupidities of Bitterness

Few things are more stupid than bitterness, for it undercuts a faith founded on forgiveness. Continue reading

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A Card-Carrying Christian

God didn’t give His Son merely to reduce Hell’s census count. Jesus’ death on the cross purchased more than a GET OUT OF HELL FREE card. Continue reading

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Entitlement / God Isn’t Fair

An entitlement mentality kills gratitude. You aren’t properly grateful for things given to you if you think you deserved them.
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Of Roundabouts and Bridges

The Wrong Way Roundabout Harry turned up for our very first Sunday when Free Baptist Church was born.  Harry was one of the nicest people you would ever meet, a committed believer who is now with the Lord.  He knew … Continue reading

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