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“Remembered There Will Only Bring a Smile”

I was saddened to hear, a little over a week ago, of the passing of a pastor I’ve know for some years.  While we may not have been in entire agreement on everything, I knew his desire was to serve … Continue reading

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The Summer of our Discontent

Contentment is easier if you remember — the summer of our discontent ends soon. Continue reading

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Jeff Smith’s Last Testimony — “God Loves Me!”

And it’s not up to me to change the truth to fit my circumstances, it’s up to me to change my circumstances to fit the truth. Continue reading

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“To Serve the Lord Perfectly”

“Won’t it be wonderful to be in Heaven and serve the Lord perfectly?  To do everything right?” – Jeff Smith (17 March 2013) Previous from Jeff: “Just a Brain Tumour” “What Else Can I Do?” Next from Jeff:  “To Know … Continue reading

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Remember When You Were Little?

In Heaven, the “best day ever” will never end. Continue reading

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How Good Will Heaven Be, Anyway?

Heaven will be better than you can possibly imagine, because God is better than you are at imagining good things.Whatever you can think of that would make Heaven good, God will make it better than that.
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