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Isaiah’s Amazing Cyrus Prophecy — The One True God Against “the gods”

Sometime around the year 700 BC, the prophet Isaiah gave an amazing prophecy, in which he stated that God would use someone named Cyrus to deliver His people from captivity.  This was fulfilled in 536 BC, perhaps 150-160 years later, … Continue reading

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Isaiah’s Amazing Cyrus Prophecy — The Context in Isaiah

In Isaiah 39, written around 700 BC, King Hezekiah of Judah was told that his people and his sons would go into captivity in Babylon.  Beginning in Isaiah 40, Isaiah prophesies the deliverance from that captivity, a prophecy fulfilled around … Continue reading

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Isaiah’s Amazing Cyrus Prophecy — Cyrus Named

Many Christians are familiar with Isaiah’s prophecy, written around 700 BC, which describes and names Cyrus the Great, the Persian emperor who would come to the throne 140 years later.  There was more to this prophecy than just the name, … Continue reading

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Some Really, Really Bad Sins

No one who takes the Bible seriously at all will condone this or give any sympathy to a person who makes excuses for their sin. Continue reading

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“Whose is This Image and Superscription?”

They brought, to the only begotten Son of the true God, a coin honouring an adopted step-son of a false god, and wanted His permission to hoard it. Continue reading

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St. Giles Cathedral

You can buy an icon to take home, put it in a place of prominence, and kneel before it and pray. You can purchase it at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, the church of John Knox.
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