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The Scriptures — Moved by the Spirit (part three — Languages)

Language was not something that “happened” to God, something that confined Him in communicating His message. Rather, a sovereign God “happened” to the languages, forming them to be exactly what He wanted to use to convey His truth. Continue reading

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“Given by Inspiration” — theopneustos, etymology, and hapax legomenon

We can’t entirely trust the way a word was derived to tell us its meaning, but it probably (in this case) provides strong clues. Based on derivation, the Greek word theopneustos (“given by inspiration of God”) has a meaning related to “breathed by God.” It is indicating something about the divine origin of the Scriptures — they came from God. To find if there is more to its meaning than that as we look at II Timothy 3:16, we’ll have to look for other clues, which we’ll do in my next post.
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