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The Purposes of Marital Intimacy

One of the best safeguards against the many perversions of marital intimacy is to understand and appreciate the Bible’s teaching on God’s gift of marriage. Continue reading

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Note to Parents

Some of my readers are children, including some whose parents are very careful about what their children see.  This post is for those parents. After the Church of Scotland chose to allow the ordination of homosexuals, I was asked to … Continue reading

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Why I Say “Marital Intimacy”

I don’t want God’s gift of marriage to be equated with every kind of perversion that the world concocts. Continue reading

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Advice for a Bridegroom

You might go out in a dying blaze of glory for her, but will you live a shining life of glory to the Lord for her? Continue reading

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The Dangers of Cohabiting

Cohabitation (people living together outside of marriage) becomes ever more widespread.  An article on “What Cohabitation Does for Marriage” from last September: If couples want to dramatically boost their likelihood of divorcing once married, few things so widely practiced will … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Longest Marriage

The longest marriage in Scotland ends after more than seventy-seven years. I have got a lovely boy in the home. He is the only one for me — always has been and always will be. May the God of all comfort be near to … Continue reading

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Rightly Dividing and Perspicuity — “Love for Dummies”?

If you believe those verses and yet deny the perspicuity of Scripture, you have accomplished an amazing pinnacle of illogical thought. You probably bought a “Love for Dummies” book and think you’ll help your marriage by talking to your wife through a “priest.” Continue reading

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