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Word Made Flesh — At the Core of Christianity

The Lord of all creation made Himself accessible to us. Continue reading

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Mercy and Grace

Mercy A loving God spares us the eternal punishment in Hell we earned by our sin Grace A loving God gives us the eternal life in Heaven we could never earn Grace and Mercy Two sides of the same coin. … Continue reading

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Bible Translation — The Necessity of Translation

Bible translation is a reminder of the greatest translation of all, when God translated Himself into humanity, coming to humanity in terms we could understand, to seek and to save lost sinners. His choice to reach out through translation demonstrates, yet again, His glorious grace. Continue reading

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The Unity of Scripture

So, what is the story of the Bible? It is the story of God’s love, the story of THE SAVIOUR who gave His life that we might live in love with Him forever. Continue reading

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Rightly Dividing and Perspicuity — “Love for Dummies”?

If you believe those verses and yet deny the perspicuity of Scripture, you have accomplished an amazing pinnacle of illogical thought. You probably bought a “Love for Dummies” book and think you’ll help your marriage by talking to your wife through a “priest.” Continue reading

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