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Misusing I Peter 3:15 — “Be Ready Always” — Part One

Modern Western Christians need to stop murdering this verse for our own purposes. We may not be that far from needing its real meaning. Continue reading

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Amazing: “Christians Concerned About Being Christlike”

That’s the title of an article in Christian Today: A survey of nearly 2,000 British evangelicals found that more than half (54%) are concerned that “becoming Christlike will increasingly alienate Christians from the culture around them”. No kidding.  This is … Continue reading

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Arresting Developments

Either society’s decline will be arrested, or Christians will be. Continue reading

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2012 WordPress Annual Report — a Dumb Message, etc

People who like experimenting with how fast the snow comes down depending on where on the screen the mouse pointer was when the page loaded (you know who you are). Continue reading

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Contrasting Prayers

Some Muslim prayers, including some recited by those who were murdering a young Christian recently (I won’t include the link, too graphic).

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Gay Marriage in Denmark

When you are trying to solve your internal need for acceptance by imposing laws on society, you can only take freedom so far, and then it goes to restrictions on those who disagree with you. Continue reading

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Lacking Credibility with Bible-Believing Christians

David Cameron may say this is a Christian country, but the Government’s actions give the impression that the only kind of Christianity wanted is a hypocritical “Christianity” that abandons Christian morality “at the door of the temple.” Continue reading

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