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“Given by Inspiration” — theopneustos in Context

Paul has a practical focus, and urgently exhorts Timothy to trust and use “That Book in His Hands”, the one that Timothy will use to preach, reprove, rebuke, and exhort. This is the point of theopneustos (“inspiration”), to strengthen Timothy’s faith that the Book he held, read, studied, obeyed, and preached was worthy of those activities. Any definition of theopneustos that doesn’t do that misses the mark. Continue reading

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“Given by Inspiration” — theopneustos, etymology, and hapax legomenon

We can’t entirely trust the way a word was derived to tell us its meaning, but it probably (in this case) provides strong clues. Based on derivation, the Greek word theopneustos (“given by inspiration of God”) has a meaning related to “breathed by God.” It is indicating something about the divine origin of the Scriptures — they came from God. To find if there is more to its meaning than that as we look at II Timothy 3:16, we’ll have to look for other clues, which we’ll do in my next post.
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