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Translating Mind Renewers

The Internet is a neat place, so much that can be done.  I’ve just added to the sidebar the ability to translate this blog using Google translate.  I know Google translate is hardly ideal, but it is better than nothing … Continue reading

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Bible Translation — “Tongues Translationism” Evaluated

There is really only one question that matters — does the Scripture teach, or does it not, that God directly supervised the translation of His Word, Continue reading

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Bible Translation — “Tongues Translationism” Defined

“That Book in Your Hand” In my last post in this series, I discussed the authority of translations.  Next, I’d like to discuss two views of Biblical translation, which I call “tongues translationism” (sometimes called “double inspiration”) and “scientific translationism.”  … Continue reading

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Bible Translation — Anchored Authority

The two most important passages on the origin and authority of our Scriptures were written to those using translated Scriptures and thus had to have translations in view, and they made no direct reference to the original languages in affirming that authority, nor did they place any explicit limits on that authority. Continue reading

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Bible Translation — The Necessity of Translation

Bible translation is a reminder of the greatest translation of all, when God translated Himself into humanity, coming to humanity in terms we could understand, to seek and to save lost sinners. His choice to reach out through translation demonstrates, yet again, His glorious grace. Continue reading

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Bible Translation — God-Approved

He is Creator, Lord, and Master of all things, including languages, and He is able to maintain the power of His Word in any language. Continue reading

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The Problem of Proverbs

Some years ago, while in seminary, I seemed to be going through a “dry patch”, where devotional Bible reading was tough.  The Scriptures were real, and true, and I was learning truth, but somehow I was struggling.  I ended up … Continue reading

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