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The Bible — Not Like Archaeology — Always True, Always Reliable

We weigh the story we think the stones are telling us by the Book, not the other way around. Continue reading

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Biblical Archaeology — Always True, Not Always Reliable

The truth of the Bible remains, as it always has been, a question of faith. Continue reading

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Christians Voting, Guessing the Future, and Faith

If the vote tomorrow is Yes, we will know God did it. If the vote is No, we will know God did it. Continue reading

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Questions to Ask Yourself in Times of Difficulty

These questions are a good place to start in moving towards God’s intended purposes. Continue reading

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How Do You Become a Saint?

They aren’t even sure you are in Heaven yet(!!!), but people can pray to you. Continue reading

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The Resurrection — Six Ways God Made it Easier to Believe

God, in His mercy, knew that human faith is weak, and He gave us things that make it easier to believe. Continue reading

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Repost — Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

This is the third (and last) repost of the three articles I wrote on Joseph two years ago.  Original article.  (I am still struggling with some health problems, so may not post much in the next week or so.)

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