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“According to the Law of Moses” — Why it Matters

In my previous post, “According to the Law of Moses,” I mentioned the sub-theme running through the chapter after it records that “the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God….”  Luke, writing under the direction of the Holy Spirit, repeatedly emphasised … Continue reading

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The Genealogies of Christ — Two Genealogies

This is the first post summarising (with some additions) a discussion in the comments of an earlier post from two years ago (which I’ve just reposted).  The comments delved into some of the interesting features of the genealogies of Christ … Continue reading

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Repost — Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

This is the third (and last) repost of the three articles I wrote on Joseph two years ago.  Original article.  (I am still struggling with some health problems, so may not post much in the next week or so.)

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Repost — Another Quick Thought on Joseph

Did Joseph know, when he took his wife, that he was taking on himself an early death? Continue reading

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Repost — “Minded to Put Her Away Privily”

This verse tells us that Joseph was “a just man”, but that does not mean he was a hard man. Continue reading

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In Case Anyone is Interested….

You may or may not have noticed it in the “recent comments” on the sidebar, but there’s been an interesting (to me, anyway) discussion on a post from a couple of weeks ago touching on the genealogies of Christ from Matthew … Continue reading

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Eight More Thoughts on Joseph

6.Joseph must have wondered just how many “loud-mouths” there were going to be when the wise men started talk all over Jerusalem about his family (Matthew 2:1-3). Yet, these “loud-mouths” served at least three purposes. Continue reading

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