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If Jesus is Interceding for Us….

Will you yield to temptation, will you sin, while the One who died for you is pleading your case in Heaven? Continue reading

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The Second Great Commandment

Jesus looked to the Cross in love — a Saviour was needed, and He must die. They looked in hatred — they did not believe, and He must die. Continue reading

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The Unity of Scripture

So, what is the story of the Bible? It is the story of God’s love, the story of THE SAVIOUR who gave His life that we might live in love with Him forever. Continue reading

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Finding Christ in Proverbs — and Finding Proverbs in Christ

Proverbs, for all its work of conviction of sin, as a schoolmaster, is also a book of hope. If our case was hopeless, if there were no way for God to be pleased with us, the entire book would be wasted words spoken to wasted hearts. Proverbs, after knocking us into the pit of despair by revealing our desperate conviction, says to us, “God gives wisdom. Do not despair. God can and will be pleased with you, if you follow wisdom and the fear of the Lord. He will make a way.” Continue reading

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