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Church Problems — They Are Always Doctrinal

Most pastors have heard it many times, especially if they are active on the Internet — it hits their email inbox all the time.  “Something has gone wrong in my church.”  Sometimes it is from another pastor, sometimes a member … Continue reading

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Ten Key Principles for Difficult Questions

God could have provided a systematic textbook full of propositional statements answering our questions, but He didn’t do that. God is not merely a system of knowledge. Continue reading

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The Scriptures — Inspired or Expired?

The Bible in your hand is inspired, “given by inspiration of God.” The word theopneustos belongs to you when you read the Bible, to your pastor when he preaches it, and to all of us as we live it. “That Book in Your Hand” came from God, and it is and will continue to be a God-thing in character and quality, God-breathed, divine in nature. Living, life-giving, and life-changing, we read it, study it, believe it, and obey it. Continue reading

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