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“Unconventional” — When Doctrinal Purity Dies

God wanted her to engage in immorality as a teen, write pornographic novels, and commit fornication on camera? Continue reading

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There is No Third Way on Doctrine, Either

Evangelicalism in Western countries will always suffer, will always be pervaded by error, always be rife with immorality and other sins, until evangelicals decide there is no third way. Continue reading

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Attacking the Church — It is Rarely Doctrinal

That would be best of all! Give me my loves in a Christian flavour, please! Continue reading

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Church Problems — They Are Always Doctrinal

Most pastors have heard it many times, especially if they are active on the Internet — it hits their email inbox all the time. ¬†“Something has gone wrong in my church.” ¬†Sometimes it is from another pastor, sometimes a member … Continue reading

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No Belief Needed?

Anyone who teaches that doctrine gets in the way of faith is, at best, horribly confused and shouldn’t be teaching, and at worst, a liar. Continue reading

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His Word Will not Return Void — Direct Teaching on Preservation

God’s preservation of His Word is not an abstract theoretical matter, nor merely a statement about God’s unchanging nature, but it is also very clearly a practical doctrine referring to “That Book in Your Hand.” Continue reading

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