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Repost — “Minded to Put Her Away Privily”

This verse tells us that Joseph was “a just man”, but that does not mean he was a hard man. Continue reading

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“Innocent Parties”

How often, in describing conflict (divorce or otherwise), do we expound (and perhaps expand) on the other person’s faults, and completely neglect our own? Continue reading

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“What a Blessing!”

David Brown of Abbot Hall in Dunfermline said to me yesterday: “A lot goes for blessing that isn’t blessing.” That is so true.  Let me give a few examples that came to me as I thought about it.

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“Minded to Put Her Away Privily”

Our God did not choose poorly when He chose the man who would be tasked with caring for His only Son. When He says Joseph was a just man, we should read that the way He means “just” — selfless, compassionate, and righteous.
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